1. IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an academically rigorous and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares high school juniors and seniors for success in higher education and life in a global society.

The programme is designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well being of students. It has gained recognition and respect from universities in many countries and is frequently recognized by universities for special consideration on applications and advanced standing upon enrollment.

There are six IB Diploma subject groups that the individual courses fall under. All of the courses are college level and involve multiple assessments that are moderated by the IB organization. Students frequently earn college credit in addition to high school credit. At Mission Bay High School students may take individual IB courses or they may choose to be an IB Diploma candidate.

Mission Bay High school offers the following IB Diploma courses

Group 1

English A Literature HL

Group 2

Spanish B SL

Spanish B HL

Mandarin SL or Ab Initio

Group 3

History of the Americas HL

Psychology SL

Psychology HL

Group 4

Biology HL

Marine Science SL School-based syllabus

Computer Science SL

Design Technology HL

Group 5

Math Applications SL

Math Analysis SL

Group 6

Film HL

Visual Arts SL

Visual Arts HL

The Diploma Programme Core Requirements

Three additional requirements that contribute to the unique nature of the IB Diploma are compulsory participation in:

  1. CAS (Creativity, Action and Service = 150 hours);
  2. The 4000 word Extended Essay, which demands independent research under appropriate guidance;
  3. A course on the Theory of Knowledge, which explores the relationship between the disciplines, and ensures that students engage in critical reflection about knowledge and experience acquired both within and beyond the classroom.

The combination of subjects and requirements provides students with a global perspective or what IB calls, 'international mindedness.' The intent is that students learn how to learn, how to analyze, how to reach considered conclusions about man, our languages and literature, our ways in society, and the scientific forces of our global environment.

All DP courses have components that are internally assessed work (teacher assessment) and externally assessed (IB final exam). The proportion of the final grade determined by internally assessed coursework and final examination varies amongst subjects.

IB Diploma Recognition by Universities
Many universities give credit for IB courses and many admissions officers seek IB Diploma Programme students. IB students are well prepared for university study, with proven ability to complete a rigorous course demonstrating academic interest, stamina, and research skills. International recognition of the Diploma Programme is outlined on the IBO's website:www.ibo.org/diploma/recognition

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